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The Lamb's Lightning Strike is a course on Jesus' Deliverance Ministry.  Taught by Alaric Hunt, who has been active in healing and deliverance ministry for over 20 years.  The course brings biblical teaching, real life stories and practical ways to lead others into freedom.  

The course consists of 2 elements.  The online membership, which contains the main video teaching sessions.  It is available for you to study the subject at your own pace.  There are downloadable notes and also all sessions are available in mp3 (audio) format, so you can listen wherever you are.

The second, optional element is called 'GO LIVE'.  The 'GO LIVE' sessions are a great way of bringing the subject to life get some faith-filled, practical, non judgemental coaching, support and prayer strategies.  It is also a great opportunity to connect with other students.

All 'GO LIVE' sessions are hosted by Alaric & Jane Hunt on Zoom.  There will be additional teaching and opportunities for discussions in 'breakout groups'.  All sessions are recorded and shared with all participants for replay.  

Here are the dates for the GO LIVE sessions: 
Starting 19:00hr UK time.

Monday July 5th 
Monday July 12th 
Monday July 19th 
Monday July 26th 

What You Will Learn 
From This Course
Knowing your enemy: 
Uncover the strategies used against you
Gain a greater biblical foundation on Jesus' deliverance ministry.  Including a more in depth understanding of Jesus' ministry to bring freedom.
The divine exchange:
The power of the cross and the blood of Jesus
You will learn more about the power of the cross to deliver people.  How an 'ancient magic' works to defeat His enemy from before the dawn of time
Blessings & Curses: 
The word of God and our words combined
The word of God is a powerful weapon and when used in our mouths can bring blessing or curses.  The power of words cannot be underestimated.
Soul ties: 
Right and wrong relationships
Relationships are the bedrock of life.  God has intended for us to have positive relationships. In this course you will discover the ways in which relationships can go wrong and how to fix it.
The weapons of warfare:
Using the tools we have been given to get free
God has not left us defenceless against the wiles of the devil and we have received powerful weapons to disarm him and deliver ourselves and others from his grip.
Going from theory to  practical delivery
In this session Alaric will wrap up everything you have learnt in the course.  you will learn how to get free and stay free.  
Online Membership
  • Discover the biblical foundation of Jesus’ deliverance ministry
  • The commission to destroy the works of the devil
  • ​Increase confidence in your authority when you pray
  • ​Over 8 hours of in-depth video lessons
  • ​Free download workbooks
  • ​MP3 Downloads
  • ​Bonus session
  • ​Facebook Group Support

The Members Area

  • 4 LIVE interactive group sessions on Zoom
  • Deliverance activations
  • ​How to get free and stay free
  • ​Receive personal Feedback on activations
  • Private Facebook Group to connect and get answers

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Upgrade to include 'GO LIVE' for an additional £35

Don't worry if the course dates don't fit your schedule, once you are a GO LIVE member, you can join in with ANY future sessions to suit you. GO LIVE sessions for the Deliverance course will be held every other month.

Couples can sign up 2 for the price of one.  Please enrol for the main user and email 
for instructions on how to open the second membership.

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Starts 5th of July 2021

UPGRADE: To get the most out of this deliverance course, we recommend you include the GO LIVE membership. The support and mentoring you will receive will run only several times a year. Our next live level 2 course will start on the 5th of July 2021. Include the upgrade today and you will receive further enrolment details.

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