Prophetic Timeline Session

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How do you measure the impact of a life.  What are the ripples you are creating in this world? What is the legacy you are leaving behind? You have been created with a godly purpose and the Lord has a mission for you.  However in the thick of day to day life it is hard to see the impact your life is making and it can feel like your efforts are like a drop in the ocean.  When you zoom out and look at your life from a different perspective, you can start to see the prophetic ripples revealed.  

Understanding your individual 'prophetic timeline' will give you a fresh view on your life's experiences.  Seeing your life from a godly perspective will help you put painful experiences or failures in the right place, as only a part of the bigger picture of your life.  This simple shift will break down negative cycles which are keeping you stuck.  Instead, you will discover some of the lessons that you have learnt and clearly see the stepping stones that are taking you toward the future that the Lord has planned for you.  

The Prophetic Timeline session will leave you with a renewed vision & goals, helping you to move forward in life with confidence and expectations.

‘Alaric has a wealth of experience in helping people conquer their past traumas and connecting them to their prophetic future’

Prophetic Timeline
This is a one off, 2 hour session with Alaric & Jane Hunt which is hosted over Zoom, designed to help you discover your personal prophetic timeline. Once you purchase this session, you will be able to book an online slot in the calendar.

  • Review your prophetic timeline
  • ​Close doors to disappointment & failure
  • ​Open doors to your places of favour
  • Break negative cycles
  • Identify patterns of breakthrough
  • ​Redefine your prophetic purpose & mission
  • Prayer for healing of the memories
  • Receive prophetic words & insights 


Review by Wanda Marie Bias

The prophetic timeline was powerful; I received much confirmation, and clarity regarding opposition I have been faced with. I sensed a major shift in the atmosphere. There’s been an ignition and more vision. I’m stepping out to do things that I was once unable to do due to medical issue I have been contending with. 
I am experiencing healing in my body. 

2021 Spirit Life Academy