Alaric has been a follower of Jesus Christ since 1978 having encountered Him in a dream while homeless and broken through drugs and family tragedy. This healing journey has equipped Alaric to be a friend and mentor to many hundreds of people at every level of the social spectrum.
Mentored by Graham Cooke,  Alaric has been equipping and training hundreds in prophetic ministry, healing and deliverance and especially dream interpretation in many different cultures for over 20 years.

He is a much sought after speaker at large conferences but also small groups and individual mentoring. 

Alaric has also worked with many leaders and leadership teams developing them in their identity and calling. 

Along with Jane, Alaric is a co director of First Love Global Ministries and now Spirit Life Academy. 

Jane has a desire to demonstrate the Kingdom of God here on earth, through a naturally supernatural lifestyle, and to see individual lives and communities transformed through the love, grace and healing power of Jesus Christ. 

Her passion is to walk in intimate relationship with God, and to see people set free through personal encounters with Jesus. She has been involved in Healing Rooms, healing on the streets, leading and coordinating prayer in churches, and supporting leaders in prayer. Jane is a prolific dreamer, with gifts in prophetic intercession and dream interpretation. 

Alaric and Jane are currently based in the UK, but spend part of each year in Uganda. They enjoy spending time with their family of children and grandchildren, and their ever expanding global spiritual family.
We value all individuals from all faiths and backgrounds.  We understand that  you may have questions about your dreams and honour those.
The Bible
We use biblical dream interpretation.  We believe the bible is the word of God and the Holy Spirit bring inspired interpretation of dreams.
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