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The Dream Academy
What You Will Learn 
From This Course
Dream Skill #1: 
Types of dreams and interpretations
There are many types of dreams, from the random every day dreams, to highly significant prophetic dreams.  How do you recognise which dream you are dealing with and how does this apply to its interpretation.
Dream Skill #2: 
Understanding symbolism and dream themes
Dreams are a gift of the Holy Spirit. They are the way that he speaks with our subconscious mind.  The language of the Holy Spirit is one of images and symbolism, which can only be interpreted with His help
Dream Skill #3: 
Going from theory to  practical delivery
You would not expect to be able to read a car manual and then jump into a car and drive through London.  In the same way, it is important to have the opportunities to put the theory into practice.  Join our our Dream On Group on Facebook for Extra Support
 "If you are a dreamer or long to look into a deeper revelation of dream interpretation, this course is for you. It is very Word- based and full of prophetic insight and wisdom. I encourage you to Stir up your gifting and go deeper with the Lord to better understand the mystery of dreams, go to a new level with your prophetic gifting. “ 

Christine Wren James, Director, Life Streams International
 "I have recently completed a dream interpretation course which has been very helpful. If you are like me and frequently have dreams that don’t make any sense at all from a human perspective, then this course will help you to understand the message behind them.The course covers everything you need to know about dream interpretation, giving examples from Biblical dreams and explaining the symbols and their meaning and also assignments to practice on. 

 Doing this course has encouraged me to”dig deeper” in working out what my dreams are about and how to recognise the type of dream i.e. whether it’s a call to pray or whether it’s drawing my attention to something that needs dealing with. In the past I have relied on other people to interpret my dreams but this course has given me the tools to try and interpret them for myself."

Pat Paine, Leader of Prayer Ministry Team at Gorleston Baptist Church.
Level 1 Membership
  • Learn about dreams and interpretation
  • ​Online course with 6 units
  • ​Over 7 hours of in-depth video lessons
  • ​Free download workbooks
  • ​MP3 Downloads
  • ​Bonus sessions
  • ​Facebook Group Support

The Members Area

Level 2 Membership
  • 4 LIVE interactive group sessions on Zoom
  • Dream interpretation activations
  • ​Interpret your own dreams
  • ​Receive personal Feedback on activations
  • Private Facebook Group to connect and practice

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Starts 9th of November 2020 

UPGRADE: To get the most out of this dream interpretation course, we recommend you include the level 2 membership. The support and mentoring you will receive will run only several times a year. Our next live level 2 course will start in November 9th 2020, after this January 2021. Include the upgrade today and you will receive further enrolment details.

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